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  • 1 Piece Driving Suit – 2-layer SFI/ FIA rated race suits must be worn.

  • Helmet – Must be Snell / FIA rated and in good condition.

  • Head and Neck Restraint – “Donut” Style is a bare minimum accepted, we will be looking to phase these out in the next year and enforce the use of HANS devices for the Ultra4 classes.

  • Eye Protection – Safety glasses if wearing open face/helmet visor acceptable.

  • Harnesses – minimum of a 4pt harness in good condition ie no frayed fibres, clean and mounted securely. We recommend the use of 5pt or 6pt harnesses.

  • Window Nets – must not be able to get any limbs out of the gap while harnessed into the seats.

  • Fire Extinguishers – minimum of 2kg per vehicle.

  • First Aid Kit.

  • Roll Cage – minimum of 6-point roll cage, mounted safely, in good condition with good welding and design. Gussets where required.

  • Seats - we strongly recommend the use of a race seat from a reputable manufacturer.

  • Roof – all vehicles must have a roof over the occupant’s head. Minimum of 1mm steel or 3mm alloy.

  • Fuel – securely mounted fuel tank, leak-free and in good condition. Alloy tanks will be phased out end of 2022, we are strongly encouraging the use of plastic fuel cells/safety fuel cells for petrol vehicles.

  • Kill Switch – all vehicles require a kill switch that turns off the engine when in the “off” position. This must be easily reached by the driver and co-driver.

  • Breakdown Safety Device – All vehicles must carry a reflective breakdown “triangle” or equivalent.

  • Winch - 4900 Class (UTVs) do not need a winch to compete.

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